Direction Signals Backpack

This backpack has built in lighted direction signals so you will be able to ride in traffic and let everyone where you are going. Click on the image to be taken to our video of how to charge it, turn it on, and operate it.

Hydration Backpack

Just for the long rides in warm and hot weather you need something to keep you cool and nourish your body. This hydration backpack has a 1 quart capacity with a soft plastic water container and is completely weatherproof

3 Lense Sport Sunglasses

These are light weight large shield sunglasses ideal for riding with the wind in your face. Included in the package are 3 ultra UV protection lenses - Gold grey, Silver grey, and Clear. Easy snapon designs allows you to change lenses quickly and easily.


You can't be selling a performance vehicle and not have some kind of cool accessories to go with it. At the least you have to have something to promote your brading efforts and get your name out there as a real company. Check out our crowd funding campaigns for the early chance to get some of these items for rewards.

“Every journey begins with a first step down the highway to success. We hope you will be interested in supporting our effort to bring a high quality electric vehicle to market at a reasonable price.”