Introducing the All New QuantumX Vela Pular STX 12k Electric Motorcycle

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This backpack has built in lighted direction signals so you will be able to ride in traffic and let everyone where you are going. Click on the image to be taken to our video of how to charge it, turn it on, and operate it.

Electric Mountain Bike

The first product we are introducing is an electric mountain bike. At 350w of power on the motor these bikes will technically qualify as a motorcycle. Even though the designated use of a mountain bike is off road, some states may required them to be licensed and registered as a vehicle. We will be providing VIN numbers and MCO documents which will allow you to obtain a title and insurance for them if if this becomes necessary.

Electric Motorcycles

Our goal is to offer three entry level electric motorcyles into the market soon after our e-bike launch. These will be an urban touring class bike with a top speed of 70mpy and two sports touring class bikes with top speeds of 100mph. The issue of battery life is one of our primary concerns as well which are are inidially addressing with removable spare battery packs you can carry with you on the bike.

Electric UTV

Electric UTV's present an interesting opportunity to do some experimenting with hybid designs and optimal performance power requirements. Although UTV's are classed as off road vehicles they still have to meet certain safety requirements that are mostly emissions and battery leakage related.


You can't be selling a performance vehicle and not have some kind of cool accessories to go with it. At the least you have to have something to promote your brading efforts and get your name out there as a real company. Check out our crowd funding campaigns for the early chance to get some of these items for rewards.

“Every journey begins with a first step down the highway to success. We hope you will be interested in supporting our effort to bring a high quality electric vehicle to market at a reasonable price.”